Originally published on Dec. 12, 2013
Athena was found tied to a tree at the top of a hill from the shelter by two Jersey Animal Coalition employees. They waited there a while to see if her owner would show up for her, but no one ever came.

athena_healinghandsWhen first looking at Athena, we noticed her deformed leg. But then we noticed her amazing eyes, one brown, one bright blue, framed by her widow’s peak markings. After taking Athena to the shelter, her troubled leg seemed to be a birth defect, although she did have trouble walking properly with three legs.

Despite being abandoned and having trouble walking, Athena has the sweetest personality. She’s calm in her kennel and very loving when she goes out for her walks. She is loving, sweet and affectionate and enjoys the attention of the staff and volunteers that tend to her. Athena, who is about 2 years old, also loves other dogs!

This week, shelter employee Tiffany went to walk Athena. There she noticed she was holding her deformed leg up close to her body. When Tiffany tried to touch her leg, Athena cowered in the corner of her crate and cried before Tiffany even touched her. Then Tiffany noticed Athena’s leg was very swollen and she was in a lot of pain. She immediately rushed her to the vet. It was there that the veterinarian said her leg was severely infected and would need to be amputated in an emergency surgery. Athena was immediately started on antibiotics to have the swelling and infection. Her surgery will be performed when the swelling has come down a bit more.
We know Athena will recover and get used to using three legs. We also know that the perfect home is out there for this sweet soul.

Update on Athena Jan. 23, 2014

Athena’s surgery was successful. One of JAC’s board member’s friend was told about Athena’s upcoming surgery. He visited her at the vet’s office and feel in love. He picked her up at the vet after the surgery to foster and are adopting her officially this weekend. We are so grateful for Athena’s happy tail!

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