Originally published Oct. 30, 2013

Recently, our shelter manager Doreen received a call from a local shelter about a stray dog they found The vet at that shelter told Doreen that the dog was injured and very aggressive and they wanted to euthanize him, but asked if Jersey Animal Coalition was interested in helping him.
Doreen immediately rushed over to get the dog. When Doreen and another staff member arrived they began to speak softly to him. The dog stood up and began wagging his tail. They noticed he was not using his right hind leg and asked what happened. They were told he had a broken leg and the cause was unknown. He had been lying in that cage at the shelter with his injured leg for 12 days.

At Jersey Animal Coalition, we named him Charles, an he now has a second chance at a good life. We discovered that Charles had kennel cough and was very skinny. We think he might have been used as a bait dog because he not only has scars on his face and body, which isn’t necessary telling, but all his teeth had been shaven down.

chance_in_carAt first, Charles was not interested in eating. The staff all became mother hens- fussing over him and encouraging him to it with “try this – try that!”

Dr. Santiago examined Charles. He says his leg injury is an old injury, possibly from being hit by a car. Since Charles was on the street for a while, his injured leg didn’t heal properly. Dr. Santiago said because of this, the tissue and skin around his leg is bound up and because of that, Charles’ skin around the leg is so tight, he isn’t able to stretch out his leg. This is very painful for poor Charles.

Dr. Santiago performed the first of many surgeries on Charles’ leg. He said all the work he needs would be too much to do in one surgery session. So first, Dr. Santiago cut the skin on his lower belly and leg so Charles can at least move his leg back and forth and put it down somewhat. The doctor also says Charles has very bad arthritis in his knee that he will have for the rest of his life.

Charles has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but he is a sweet and loving soul that deserves the second chance we gave him. Please consider donating to Help Charles Heal. While other shelters wouldn’t have given him a second chance, Jersey Animal Coalition did and will continue to help Charles and other dogs like him.

Update Charles received a complete amputation on his leg. We would love for Charles to recover in a foster home, where it’s nice and quiet and he can get the attention he will need. If you can foster Charles, please fill out our Foster Application.