Community Resource and Volunteer Programs

JAC’s Community Resource and Volunteer Programs

We are proud of the number and scope of humane education programs and volunteer opportunities JAC has provided over the years. Many examples are noted below. Sadly, without a building to house them, we can no longer offer as many options to community members, but with your support we will be able to continue many of those listed below.


  • Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops learned skills to earn animal care badges.
  • Local religious school classes gained an understanding of caring for all living creatures.
  • Public school visits enlightened students about shelter life and respect for animals.
  • Columbia High School and Seton Hall University supported JAC’s efforts through clubs and active participation with our animals.
  • Varied and numerous volunteerism opportunities were offered to community members.
  • Partnerships with pet food companies promoted animal welfare efforts.
  • Hands-on experience at our facility allowed Bergen County Community College Veterinary Tech students to earn credits.
  • Internships were offered for other college students interested in entering veterinary school.
  • Community Service opportunities were available to students.