Featured Dogs

Some of our dogs have been here for a while. They require experienced owners who will always set them up for success. Here are just a few of our dogs that are waiting to find their perfect home.



Lucky has the unfortunate distinction of being the longest-term resident at the Jersey Animal Coalition. In fact, he is one of its original residents, having been there now for about seven years. Lucky doesn’t let his circumstances get him down. He’s happy-go-lucky and always ready to go for a walk and give a high five to anyone who befriends him. We will never give up on Lucky. We know the perfect person is out there for Lucky and they will be so happy when they connect with this amazing dog. Find out more about Lucky.



Scarlett came to the JAC just before Christmas 2011 and she’s still residing in our shelter. Judging from her condition when she arrived, it’s possible that she could have been a bait dog for a dog-fighting ring. Her emaciated body was full of scars. She must have know she was safe because she was very sweet and trusting from the moment she arrived. She’s a very sweet and affectionate dog, her physical wounds have healed and she’s at a healthy weight. She’s just looking for a home, one where there are no other dogs. Please check Scarlett’s Petfinder listing for more information and consider coming to meet this beautiful girl at the Jersey Animal Coalition.