Four Little Dogs Rescued – Need Forever Homes

Jersey Animal Coalition, in conjunction with Furry Hearts Rescue, recently rescued these four beautiful, little dogs and we are looking for loving, forever homes for them. Please consider opening your home and heart to these deserving souls. If you can’t adopt, please share their stories. Thank you.


Brussels Griffon mix
5-year-old female
All necessary shots

Betsy is an adorable, affectionate armful who was discovered while she was being offered for sale on the streets.

Her lucky day came when our volunteer rescued her from what could have become a tragic and heart-wrenching fate. However, as sweet and loving as she is, she should not be in a home with small children. She is fine with most dogs, but really likes to pick and choose her canine friends!



Chihuahua mix
4-year-old male
All necessary shots

You’ll have a hard time finding a smarter, more affectionate, playful and delightful dog than Pedro!
He is 11 pounds of love. He would be the best addition a caring family could wish for. He’s great with everyone- both two and four legged!

In spite of being offered for sale on the street with Betsy, his bright and sunny disposition shines through. What a prize!


Dachshund mix
7-month-old male
All necessary shots

If you are craving a smile, you must consider this happy and exuberant 7-month-old, 10-pound bundle of energy. Kisses are his specialty. He is a Dachshund mixed with … terrier? Schnauzer? Your guess is as good as ours. You’ll have to ask his mother what she was up to before she gave birth to him! All we know is he’s all cute!

He was rescued from a family where he was regularly beaten with a belt. Obviously this didn’t get him down, because his sweet and playful disposition remains unscarred. Anyone interested in adding him to his or her family should be aware that he should not be left alone in a yard or elsewhere because one of his many skills is jumping fences!


Yorkshire terrier
All necessary shots

Rosie is a shy and gentle heart-breaker who has never known a real home or received the loving care she so richly deserves.

She was used for breeding for almost all of her 6 years. When she couldn’t be bred any longer, the breeder had no use for her, so he gave her away. Her bed was wood chips, and all she had to love were her babies. Like a typical Yorkie, her favorite place would be a warm lap to snuggle in.

A pre-adoption form is required prior to any adoption. It can be found at here and returned by email or mailed to:
PO Box 135
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Jersey Animal Coalition and Furry Hearts Rescue are working together to find loving homes for these beautiful dogs. If you want to meet or need further information regarding any of them, call Lisa at: 908-420-0823. And as always, you can donate to help care for these dogs and help us continue our no-kill mission of finding loving, forever homes for animals in need.