In Memory

Our pets touch our lives in ways we can’t even express. Although they are with us for a relatively short time, there impact on our lives is tremendous. Here are just a few of the touching memorials to the animals that made us better people.

If you would like to share your pet’s story as a memorial, just make a $50 donation with either PayPal or Network for Good in your pet’s name and send us his or her story with a photo or two, and we will post your tribute here.


In Memory of Storm

storm car
Storm was a very special girl. She and her brother Winter were abandoned many years ago and brought to us at JAC. They were both very fearful of people, so we can only imagine what they had been through. Despite this, once she trusted you, she gave you her whole heart and then some. Imagine a 130 pound dog jumping up and putting her paws around you, while slobbering you with kisses. That’s how she greeted us always, along with a big smile on her face. Her favorite activity was belly rubs and smooches. She was just a big bundle of joy around the people who loved her.
me sergio storm bellyrubs2
Because of her fear of strangers she languished for many years in a cage, until her favorite volunteers got together and sent her to a sanctuary. Storm spent her last year and a half roaming 125 acres enjoying her freedom. Her volunteers visited her often and she showed Sergio and Beth all her special spots last time we visited. She was loved by all and will be missed terribly. We love you Storm! A final message from her shelter dad Sergio ‘Storm you were my special girl and daddy will miss you! Vaya con dios.

– Beth

In Memory of Champ

Champ came to Jersey Animal Coalition as a stray two years ago. He was such a sweet old man, we believe he must have experienced a life of love and attention prior to his arrival at JAC. He was embraced by staff and volunteers and quickly found his way into the hearts of many.

His calm, easy going demeanor and his love of the ladies was just too endearing to resist. He would happily return to his run where a soft blanket always awaited him. Champ was a happy, mellow boy who happened to fall in love with a sweet furry girl named Meadow. We will always cherish the walks they took together.

He will be remembered for his soulful eyes that were full of graciousness and love. Champ was a special boy and he will be missed dearly.

In Memory of Taz

TaxWe all miss this courageous, funny and lovable boy terribly.

We remember how incredulous we were when Doreen, our Shelter Manager raced down to the Newark Shelter where he had been abandoned by his owners because he was “old and ugly.”

We remember the joy we had when he first tested his wheelchair and realized he was the equal of all the other dogs and could chase the cats and go after the dogs the same as they did!

We remember the love and attention Donna Quadrel lavished upon him as she put him into his wheelchair and fueled him with never ending treats while we all stood on the sidelines applauding his and Donna’s accomplishments!

We remember his daily inspections of the shelter, room by room, as he wheeled around making sure no crumb was left behind!

We remember his graciously acknowledging our pats and hugs in recognition of his spectacular achievements.

We are also well aware that Taz was a very lucky dog – we believe he knew this too…

He was lucky that a person like Doreen would rush to Newark to save him from an anonymous and certain death.

He was lucky that a benevolent bystander, the Deputy Mayor of Newark, Adam Zipkin, did not look at him with pity, but went with him to Mass. to be fitted with a wheelchair for a new life. He was lucky that Donna Quadrel was there for him every day -to encourage him and to understand and respect his will to live. But most important of all, we were the lucky ones.

We witnessed a being that overcame all odds, and whose courage and will to live became a lesson we will never forget.

Last of all, when his body stopped cooperating with him and life became painful, Donna and I were fortunate to be with him, telling him how much we loved him – to the end.

Rest in Peace, dear friend.
–Ruth Perlmutter

In Memory of Hank

hank1It was love at first sight. My parents brought Hank home 17 years ago from the Jersey Animal Coalition when I was nine. He was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen.

He was also one of the kindest. He provided great comfort to me in difficult times. He would put a smile on anyone’s face who saw him, whether it was in his younger years or even during his final four months or so when we would transport him in his stroller for his two lengthy “walks” a day around our neighborhood. Despite his arthritis, he was still able to get around quite well and enjoyed life very much until his final few days.

hank2We do not know much about Hank’s very early life. He came to the Jersey Animal Coalition tied together by a shoelace with another dog, believed to be his sister. Hank would become a best friend to my father, a “brother” to my brother and me, and a close companion to my mother. We never would have thought that one animal could have brought so much happiness to our family. Hank will be in our hearts everyday and never be forgotten.

–The Klein Family

In Memory of Missy

missyLooking180missyKiss250Missy was brought to our shelter after being left on the streets to fend for herself.

She was well advanced in years when she came to us, but in spite of having been abandoned by the person she must have known all her years, she responded to the warmth, love and attention she received during the time she spent with us.

Her gentle thanks was in her eyes and wagging tail.

She was a happy girl, and she made us happy too.

All of us at JAC will miss this sweet, grateful and loving dog. She surely is playing now with all her new friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

In Memory of Charlie

CharlieHere’s my Charlie- a Corgi mix who was dropped into a Shelter mail chute in the South. He was 9 years old at the time he was brought North, where I made him part of my life. He passed away in 2008.

Charlie was my soul mate. We understood each other. He was a born therapy dog. He was ordinary looking, but had something about him that made everyone smile and stop to pet him.

He was a natural ambassador of good will to almost all the schools in our area.
I still miss him and, when no one is looking, I shed more than a tear.

–Ruth Perlmutter