Nacho – Update: Adopted!


Nacho was adopted into a loving home.


Nacho is now named Peanut and here he is pictured with his two new brothers. Read his story below.

Nacho is an 8 pound, Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix in need of a loving home. He is under a year old. He was found limping in an industrial area in Elizabeth, NJ- filthy and trembling with fear. He is extremely sweet-natured, gentle and shy. He is as smart as a whip – eager to learn and to please. We don’t know his history, but can guess that he was badly abused. He is fearful of new people, but once they gain his trust, he bonds very quickly.

nacho-surgeryHis favorite place is a warm lap and his favorite activity is being cuddled and loved! He is well on his way to being housebroken. He gets along beautifully with the resident dog in his foster home, even sharing each other’s food!

When JAC took him under its wing, we took him immediately to our vet where he had all his shots and tests. But the hind leg which caused him to limp was of immediate concern. Our veterinarian took X-rays and advised that he be seen by an orthopedic veterinary surgeon. It turned out that Nacho’s left hind leg was so badly fractured that the bone had literally been twisted in another direction. The surgeon felt it could have been the result of a kick or of being stepped on, and that he was in pain or severe discomfort. He advised that the leg be amputated.

The day after Nacho had his surgery he walked right out of the hospital! Since then, he has become a happy, joyful little dog, and is enjoying the puppyhood that he had never had.

Nacho-fosterhomeIf you are interested in adopting Nacho, please fill out the pre-adoption form on our website. If you want to know more about him, call 973-763-7322 or 973-762-2442.

Tax-deductible donations toward helping us defray the cost of his surgery (over $4,000) would be welcome in helping us continue our work of helping more animals like Nacho find the good and loving homes they so well deserve!

You can donate through Network for Good or Pay Pal on our website. Thank you!

Ruth Perlmutter
President, Jersey Animal Coalition