Not Just Another Pitty Face

not_just_another_pitty_faceAt Jersey Animal Coalition, we believe that all dogs are individuals. We have many pit bull mixes from all over. Some of them are from local high-kill shelters, others rescued from abusive situations or pulled from shelters down South where they would be euthanized.

We feel strongly that pit bulls have been given a bad rap and they are no different from any other dog. Many times they have the appearance of a pit bull and that’s enough for people to think differently about them. We know that despite how a dog looks, they are just dogs. They all have different personalities, different temperaments and different energies. Each dog, regardless of breed, are individuals.

So take some time to get to know any dog before your judge. We know that all of our dogs, including our pit bull mixes, have the perfect home waiting for them. Could it be yours?


Georgia came to us with her large litter of puppies, “The Georgia Peaches” who were just about done nursing (mom did a great job with them) and ready to be adopted.

Georgia is a very sweet, gentle, quiet and well-mannered young adult dog. She is very affectionate and loves to hang out with the volunteers at the shelter, happy for any attention she receives. We don’t really know how she came to be homeless or how she wound up in a high kill shelter, but we do know that she has safe haven with us until we find her the secure and loving home she deserves.

And we discovered that Georgia loves Mambo!

Click for more info on Georgia. If you are interested in adopting Georgia, please fill out our pre-adoption form.


Storm-adoptable dogStorm is a stunning 6-year-old female pit bull who loves adults and other dogs. Her luck has not been the greatest, but she landed in the lap of a very nice couple who has been caring for her after her original owner dumped her. She is currently being fostered in a loving home. Because she is not living at the JAC shelter, please email or call 973-763-7322 to make arrangements to meet Storm.

Storm tries to play with the family cat, but the cat wants nothing to do with this nonsense. We feel she could be successfully adopted to a family with other dogs. She plays a little rough, so big or medium-sized dogs would be the best fit for her. She might be a bit much for some smaller dogs. Any cats in her new home should probably be of the dog-savvy variety.

If you have a dog, bring him/her to the shelter to meet Storm to see if they are a good match. She was tormented by young children and, as a result, isn’t too fond of little ones. We would not recommend her for a home with small children, but respectful teenagers would be ok. She has some issues with resource guarding, but these can easily be worked on in a new home. If you’re interested in meeting Storm, please fill out our pre-adoption form.