sponsor_dogNot everyone can adopt a dog or cat. We understand that. And just because you can’t adopt doesn’t mean you can’t help! You can be a Jersey Animal Coalition Sponsor for a dog or cat that is at our shelter.

Your monthly contribution will go a long way toward paying for the care of your sponsor pet. Some of our sponsors even send in extra “care” packages with toys, treats or bedding for their foster pet. You can do this through our Amazon Wish List.

You can also cancel your monthly sponsorship at ANY time, yourself!

It will automatically be added to your credit card each month…and it is all tax deductible!

Monthly Sponsorship Programs

Our monthly sponsorship program allow Jersey Animal Coalition supporters who love animals to do more to help us rescue, nurture and find forever homes for the thousands of deserving animals we save each year.

Your monthly contribution will help in the everyday costs in caring for our animals, such as food, medical care, housing, beds, food and vaccinations and spay/neuter. All of these items help us prepare our dogs and cats for their forever homes.

As a monthly sponsor you not only can have an easy way to budget your giving, but know you are making a huge impact on our ability to save even more animals from the life-threatening situations they face each day.

Don’t know what to buy the animal lover in your life? You can even give the gift of Monthly Sponsorship to your friends and family. They will know how much you appreciate their love of animals with our Monthly Sponsorship Gift! Your gift sponsorship will be a gift that gives all year round.

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsorship $100 a month

smokey_sponsorAs a Platinum Sponsor, you can help us help more animals, participate in more rescues and medically help more dogs and cats. This generous monthly contribute can help us spread the word about our no-kill mission, help us rescue more animals and provide the medical care needed to help many of the dogs and cats we rescue every day.

Monthly Sponsorship
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Gold Sponsorship $75 a month

senior_sponsorOur senior animals and those with special needs require medications and care beyond the normal annual food and veterinary care budget. Many of them are suffer from chronic illnesses and need medication and medical care to improve their daily quality of life. At Jersey Animal Coalition, we are committed to rescuing and nurturing all dogs and cats, regardless of their medical conditions. Your Gold Sponsorship will help us continue to rescue and care for these animals that would otherwise be euthanized at most shelters.

Monthly Sponsorship
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Silver Sponsorship $50 a month

sponsor_catOur dogs and cats need regular vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery. As a Silver Sponsor, your monthly contribution will help us with the standard, yet expensive medical care that all our animals receive when they are rescued by Jersey Animal Coalition. This contribution will also go to the upkeep and supply of our kennels and cat cages.

Monthly Sponsorship
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Premium Sponsorship $25 a month

sponsor_puppyThis monthly contribute will help us maintain our animals’ vaccinations, pay for microchipping and help us feed the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in our care.

Monthly Sponsorship
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Friend of JAC Sponsorship $15 a month

cats_sponsorNo contribution is too small, and at Jersey Animal Coalition, your monthly contribution will help us buy kitty litter, leashes and collars and some of the other items we supply the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in our care.

Monthly Sponsorship
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